India Cardiac Surgery site - Latest Images en-us Angiography in India <img alt="Angiography-11_copy" src="" /><br/><br/>Affordable Coronary <a href="" target="_blank">Angiography in India</a> is a medical imaging technique wherein an X-ray image will be taken for visualizing the inside of the blood vessels and organs of the body. Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / ​fortis hospitals <img alt="Fortis_hospitals" src="" /><br/><br/>India Cardiac Surgery Site is a renowned medical value provider in India working in association with the leading <a href="" target="_blank">fortis hospitals</a> located at different cities across the country. Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Open Heart Surgery in India <img alt="Open-heart-surgery-scars-635x250_copy" src="" /><br/><br/>India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants is a leading medical travel partner offering assistance to the gobal patients seeking affordable <a href="" target="_blank">open heart surgery in India</a>. Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Dr. K R Balakrishnan <img alt="Dr._k_r_balakrishnan" src="" /><br/><br/><tr> <td>Contact Dr. K R Balakrishnan at +91-9370586696 and email Chief Heart Transplant Surgeon of Fortis Hospital Chennai<a href="" target="_blank"> Best Cardiac Transplant Surgeon</a> of India<br></td> </tr> Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer <img alt="Dr._krishna" src="" /><br/><br/><a href="" target="_blank"><strong>Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer</strong></a> is one of India's top ranking paediatric cardiac surgeons, renowned for his clinical expertise and wide ranging involvement with the cardiac care for children in India and other developing countries.<br> Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Dr. Z. S. Meherwal <img alt="Dr-zs-meherwal_copy" src="" /><br/><br/><a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Z. S. Meherwal</a> of Escorts is the top cardiovascular surgeon with over 27 years of experience. If you are seeking cost effective treatments and surgeries in India, then send your inquiry to or call +91-9370586696 for an appointment. <br> Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Dr. T S Kler <img alt="Dr_t_s_kler_copy" src="" /><br/><br/>Patients from South Africa get their surgery from <a href="" target="_blank">Pacemaker Doctor Escorts Hospital</a>, Dr. Kler with India Cardiac Surgery Site. The shortage of healthcare professionals and lack of adequate healthcare coverage forces them to choose their surgery in India which offers cost effective medical treatments. <br> Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Dr. Naresh Trehan <img alt="Dr-naresh-trehan_copy" src="" /><br/><br/>Dr. Naresh Trehan is the<a href="" target="_blank"> best cardiac Surgeon in Medanta Gurgaon</a>. A graduate from King George Medical College, he is the Chairman & Managing Director at Medanta Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 / Dr. Devi Prasad Shetty <img alt="Dr._devi_prasad_shetty-1" src="" /><br/><br/>Dr. Shetty of Narayana Hospital Bangalore is an Indian Cardiac Surgeon who is renowned worldwide for his expertise. India Cardiac Surgery Site Consultants assists the global patients seeking to contact <a href="" target="_blank">Dr. Shetty of Narayana Hospital Bangalore</a> to get their appointment. Fri, 10 Mar 2017 04:29:08 -0600 /